“Muntilli’’ is the story of 25-year old Wold, an ambitious boy born and raised in a desolate village. Many people experience living is this village as careless, but it makes Wolf restless. Wolf wants to leave. Not alone, but with his best two friends. 

When the chance presents itself to take over a mobile casino from his mentally ill uncle, Wolf seizes the opportunity to break free from the hopeless future of the village.

In Semita

This film tells the story of the 15 year old Avery who is about to make the most important decision in his life. He choses to undergo a major surgery. We follow him from the moment he is anesthetized and ends up in a deep dream. He finds himself in the rear of a very old train cabin. Giving his all, Avery tries to overcome all the challenges the different train cabins hold.

Director: Robbie Bekker
Production: Fabiënne Jongenburger
DOP: Julian Felix
Gaffer: David van der Drift
Sound: Jason DeGraw
Production Design: Rashel van der Schaaf & Zino Bakker
Edit: Danny Kooyman
VFX: Daisy Keehnen & Mats

A Christmas Karel

Kerst Karel

Karel, a lonely old man in a wheelchair,was unsuspectingly staring at the sea during Christmas… untill a two meter high present came falling out of the sky.

During a warm and chilling adventure Karel discovers what Christmas is really about.

Scenario: Bart van Heerwaarden
Director: Sam van der Plas
Production Management: Fabiënne Jongenburger
Recording Leader: Jan Roest
DOP: Bart van Heerwaarden
First AC: Julian Kock
Gaffer: Daan Strampel
Sound: Damian Scipio

Production Design: Zino Bakker, Rashel van der Schaaf & Helga Jurgens
Edit & VFX: OFILANT (Sam van der Plas)
Sound Design: Sam Titshof
Music: Joep Boode
Cast: Jan Dekker, Sonja de Vries & Emma Wortelboer